You are the eyes of Okavango Watch.

Whether you are a farmer in the Okavango watershed or have a cattle post here, or work as a housekeeper, server, game guide, lodge manager or tour operator, Okavango Watch can help you understand what is going on throughout the region. Or maybe you are planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to this unique place, or have already visited? Okavango Watch can help you share and create memories while also keeping you in touch with this special desert wetland — helping sustain it.

If you witness any kind of illegal activity or suspect something questionable is happening, please get in touch with us and we will refer it to the relevant authorities or assign someone to investigate. Your identity will remain completely confidential.

Also if you witness something special, beautiful, or heartwarming, share that too!  From acts of kindness to creative school projects to unique wildlife sightings, we are on the lookout to share all sorts of news, and that means letting everyone know of exciting and successful stories from the region.

If you would like to see your visual content on our social media, please submit it here with the following information: Your name, age, contact details (if you’re comfortable to share this information with us), where the photos was taken, what it is and why you feel you need to share it. Also please state that you made it or own it, and you would like it to be shared with Okavango Watch’s members. If it is a photo, video, quote or story please tell us how you would like to be credited.

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